Tuesday, September 06, 2011

What to Wear: Business Travel

Natalie wrote in with a What to Wear request for her busy work life:
I have a question. I'm headed to Montreal and Germany for 4 weeks for a work trip, both trips I am really excited for but I leave straight from Canada to Germany, so I have to pack for everything at once. Do you have any suggestions for a few basics that would mix and match well for the trip? I'm from Seattle, so I'm not going to a climate that is significantly different and I've got quite a few basics (white button down, jackets, dresses, belts). Any help would be appreciated!
I used to travel quite a bit for work, so I got a routine down pat. I could load up my trusty carry-on bag with my eyes closed! The trick is to find a uniform and stick with it. No need to get creative, just grab your favorite basics with the same underlying color palate (black, brown or blue). It's actually a great way to test your outfit mixing and matching skills.

Along with something like this for the travel day, I usually take a pair of trousers that never need ironing, a couple sweaters, a jersey wrap dress, pajamas and a pencil skirt for a few days trip. For four weeks, I'd add in bright tanks/tees for layering variety, a second dress and bold accessories to mix it up. You could definitely still make a carry-on work if you're careful.

Skirt - A miniskirt in camel.
Blouse - White blouse with a loose cut.
Cardigan - In gray, just fancy enough.
Flats - For fast access through airport security and comfort while traveling.
Pumps - To upgrade your outfit when it's time for a meeting.
Valise - A sturdy soft-sided carry-on bag with both duffel and shoulder straps is my favorite for business travel. Bring a purse big enough for your laptop and lunch along with you.
Scarf - Works as a wrap, pillow or blanket on the plane.
Glasses - From Forever 21.
Water bottle - An empty water bottle that you can fill up past security.


NattyJo said...

Love it! Thanks for the suggestions Emily!

Juliette said...

Great outfit-- I love how comfy it looks yet still fashionable! The glasses and sweater go well together and have a nice touch of nerdy (yet professional) chic!