Monday, September 12, 2011

What to Wear: Mary Tyler Moore #1

The wardrobe on Mary Tyler Moore is impressive not only for being relatively timeless considering the decade (there are a few bell bottoms in the mix) but also for being pretty realistic. Mary actually re-wears her clothes, mixing and matching her wardrobe like a normal person - which you never seem to see on TV today.

Here's a modern take on one of the favorite outfits: knit dress with scarf!

Dress - A plum-colored swing sweater dress is a perfect office staple.
Scarf - A bright silk scarf from Pucci.
Pumps - In black suede with a hidden platform and sensible heel.
Trench - Classic for fall.
Sunglasses - From Forever 21.

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Jean said...

I got married in 1973. It was a very small wedding and I wore a long pale blue knit dress which I purchased at Roos Atkins (where Ross is now at 4th and Market). Can't remember the make.

Some time later I was so pleased to see Mary wearing the same dress in a dark color (maybe navy blue) in one of the episodes. Yes, she was really one of us, single working woman, living alone in a big city.