Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to Wear: Mary Tyler Moore #2

Navy and burnt sienna is one the best trendy color combinations for fall. It's bright, but as easy to wear as neutrals. Let's channel the fashion through our MTM filter. Mary always looked great in a trim skirt with something tucked in:

Sweater - A navy v-neck with slight batwing sleeves is a more modern pairing than a classic white blouse.
Skirt - A button up skirt in brick.
Shoes - Ankle strap pumps in saddle leather.
Purse - Vintage clutch with tortoise accent.
Earrings - Gold hoops.

Something about the skirt seems so feminine to me. Maybe because it's so reminiscent of our mothers in the 80's?


Bronwyn said...

I've loved these two "what to wear" posts! They look so perfect for fall...

LindsayPike15 said...

OMG i love the red skirt. I've always been a fan of pairing navy with red. Classic. Throw in a white accent and you're patriotic-chic. Thanks for sharing, your blog is super cute! xo

Katie said...

I'm LOVING the longer skirts this fall. I just got a black one and it is awesome.

I never thought of the fact that my mom probably had a bilion of them when I was little, but you're SO RIGHT! That's probably why i like them so much!

Good call!