Friday, October 07, 2011


We did it! We booked our plane tickets to Japan for late November.

While I love traveling, I hate the process of actually getting ready to go. My inner hermit makes a big appearance. I always get anxious about the trip (everyone in Japan will be mean to me?) and nearly talk myself out of getting on the plane (we could just stay here!). Especially now, since it has been so many years since we last traveled internationally.

Thankfully, Rob knows to ignore this. As soon as I arrive, the anxiety disappears and I'm so glad we left. This has been the case with our trips to Italy, China and Argentina at least.

Do you get pre-vacation anxiety too?


Bronwyn said...

Congratulations - your trip sounds absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely get pre-trip anxiety. I really have to fight it. An object at rest and all that... But, as you say, once I'm actually on my way, excitement takes over and I'm thrilled to be on the road. Or in the air, as the case may be. What you said was so true, the more time that passes between trips, the harder that next trip is.
Relax as best you can and know that a grand time awaits!

Anonymous said...

are you taking advantage of the promotion offering free trips for bloggers?