Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Party Recipe: Pumpkin Carving

For my birthday this week, Rob has planned a fun "cocktails, carving, curry and cake" party at the apartment. Here are the details he has lined up so far:
  • Cocktails - Using the juicer to whip up some "bloody" beet or watermelon juice and make a cocktail along the lines of this recipe.
  • Carving- We bought 10 pumpkins at the store last night. After the first 10 RSVPs, it's BYOP. I love carving classic faces. Roasting the seeds during the party means we could send them home with guests as favors.
  • Curry - An easy dinner for a large group. He's getting takeout pumpkin curries from the Thai and Indian places in the neighborhood. Add rice and dish out with small bowls.
  • Cake - Margaret is taking this on! I love the look of this gorgeous and a bit spooky layer cake.
Add a bunch of tea lights and some newspaper...I can't wait!

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Susie said...

Sounds fun! Happy Birthday weekend!