Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Do: Play Hooky

Having Tuesday off was dangerously fun. The family headed straight for the Academy of Sciences. First stop: a half hour in the digital planetarium zooming around the universe. Then, to the Hall of Africa to see the penguins. Next: a fancy lunch at the Moss Room restaurant downstairs. Around the aquarium and back home to have a nap before a nice early dinner at the restaurant next door.

Although I love my job, I would have very few qualms about living the life of a full-time "lady who lunches."


Susie said...

My sister and I were just discussing this fact: that we would be perfectly happy to be ladies of leisure! There are so many things to see and do, we would have no trouble filling our days. :)

marijke said...

Well, I was a "lady of leisure" for some time (husband got relocated to SF and I didn't get a work permit) and the first months were amazing (SF is wonderful, I still miss it). After that, I had a couple of really rough months, but eventually I pulled through and started volunteering (no work permit needed). As soon as I had a "purpose" again, it became easier to enjoy the city and my "life of leisure". So be careful what you wish for! ;-)