Monday, January 30, 2012

What to Wear: NY Wedding

Sarah wrote in asking for a $200 or under dress that would work at a NY wedding and back in her normal life in Oregon:
I have an upcoming event that made me think of you. I'm traveling to NY for a wedding on March 10 at 1 pm and I desperately need help on what to wear. I'm from Portland, OR and I have a feeling that my idea of dressing up for an afternoon wedding isn't going to cut it there. I'm 5'3'' and 130 lbs with a pixi hair cut. My skin in more olive tone and I have dark brown hair so I don't wear most yellows or oranges. I would love some inspiration or thoughts on a killer outfit to wear!

Dress - A bright colored wrap dress, or in this case faux wrap, is always flattering. I think this plum selection will be a perfect match for Sarah's pixie style.
Boots - New Yorkers do love their shoes, so if Sarah is comfortable wearing heels this is a great time to splurge on a pair of booties for the rest of winter.
Earrings - Gold and green beads are so festive.
Clutch - From Etsy in light green faux snakeskin.

Cardigan - When it's time to wear this dress at work, top it with a basic cardigan from Target.
Belt - And add a cute belt from Zara in comfy elastic.
Boots - For Portland, a pair of Hunter boots in olive green are right for almost any situation.


plastic cards said...

I like the option with the boots!

TelePak said...

Lovely dress. I like the color too.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely dress! I love wrap dresses, but as I have an hourglass shape, I have noticed that proper wrap dresses give me a better fit than faux wrap dresses as I can adjust the neckline/waistline better. This is just a thought though, I am a totally "metric" girl, so I have no idea about Sarahs shape.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Thank you so much for putting this together for me :)