Friday, March 23, 2012

Ladies Activity Club: Kanzashi

This week has been challenging at work. A mix of just so much very good and very bad happening all at the same time. I'm excited that it's Friday and we're almost done.

Last night, I took a break with the Ladies Activity Club! Yvonne and her sister hosted us for a night of making kanzashi, Japanese fabric flowers. A perfect craft for making Easter tree ornaments or adorable headbands for the little ones.

Along with the fabric craft project, she brought a spread of sushi, edamame, steamed pork buns, dried fruit and mimosas.



beautiful work .. look great .. are divine ... have much talent for this sort of thing ..
congratulations and greetings ..

Aubrey Saltus said...

Hi Emily,
I'm new to the city and would love to get involved in your ladies activity club. How can I make this happen?!

MrsEm said...

Hi Aubrey! Just email me at - I'm happy to send you an invite :)