Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Round-Up: Spring Fling

Sunny spring weather combined with finally being over this terrible cold made for a classic, lovely city weekend!

We still had a bit of rain on Friday, so I wore wellies while dressing up myself and the visiting dog for our last day together. It was a fun day at the office, with some fancy meetings and a team beer tasting at the end of the day.

Saturday morning, Rob and I went for brunch at Butler & Chef with visiting family friends from Los Angeles. Delicious spread of eggs benedict, strong coffee and nutela crepes. After brunch, Rob peeled off for a major training ride and I went to TJ Maxx to do a spring shoe renewal. At 1:30, Nicole came to pick me up for drinks in the mission. I wore new sandals for the occasion:

We met up with her group
on their second stop in a progressive dinner of the mission's best restaurants. It was positively tropical in the tented courtyard at Foreign Cinema! We cooled off with elderflower wine spritzers.

Then, we went to Dosa where I had a chai cocktail and an amazing white truffle potato dish.

Nicole dropped me back off at home at 4:00. I went about swapping my winter tweed and wool closet for brighter summer fare:

Rob returned home in the evening from his bike ride, he's preparing for a race next weekend. We cooked dinner and had a quiet night. Sunday morning was full of reading the paper and watching the World Cup of mountain biking online. At noon, we dressed up for our first Giants game of the season!

Yvette, Rob and I got great seats off of right field.

It was a pretty slow game, which left plenty of time for garlic fries, Blue Moon and Louisiana hot links topped with garlic and onions:

Home again at 5:00, I spent a good hour organizing a tangled mess of embroidery floss. I didn't realize I had quite so much. Luckily, it's almost friendship bracelet season again.

We watched Bringing Up Baby, which I love for so many reasons but especially Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn singing "I can't give you anything but love" - the song Rob and I sang at our wedding.

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Fig said...

Hi, just found your blog! Bringing Up Baby is such a good film. Check out"Lady Eve" if you haven't already, I think you'll love it.