Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What to Wear: Summer in San Francisco

It's true about summer in San Francisco: while the rest of the country swelters in humid heat, we get colder and colder until September.  But all the fun summer fashion doesn't have to be off limits.  A little clever layering to the rescue!

Maxi dress - I bought this on sale a couple weeks ago. If I'm going to wear the lovely flowing skirt, I need to either book a ticket to Hawaii or pair it with tights underneath!
Sweater - Red orange cardigan adds warmth and coverage.
Belt - To tie it all together.
Scarf - At that price it's for inspiration only. A similar vintage find would add a nice bright piece of warmth.
Clutch - A little envelope clutch in teal.
Booties - With fringe and a nice thick pair of socks.
Sunglasses - A disposable pair.

Top it all off with a light leather jacket and I'll be ready to go to work!


Maria said...

Hi, I am a big fan of your "What to Wear" posts, and I am very happy to see a new entry! I love your color combinations.

MrsEm said...

Thanks Maria!