Wednesday, September 05, 2012

San Francisco Rent Madness

Rents in San Francisco are hitting some crazy highs right now. The average for any apartment in the city is over $2,700 and to get a decent one bedroom in a downtown neighborhood is more like $3,500.  There's a place across the street from us renting for $7,000.

At that price, we can always pull an Eloise and move in to a glamorous hotel - an oddly comforting thought.


Kim said...

OOF! San Francisco rents are terrifying. My (mostly young, tech-industry, male) coworkers have been on the hunt lately and I'm just amazed at how much people have to pay around here! All the more reason to live in the East Bay ;) #berkeleyforevah

Annie said...

it's awful enough to move when you are planning for it, truly terrible when it is unexpected. Good luck and best wishes in your search.