Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding Invitation Options

I set up this impromptu stationery tutorial for Jackie and Pierre's wedding planning last weekend! It can be tough to decide which kind of wedding invitations are right for your event.  Roughly from cheapest/most DIY to most expensive: 1. Linoleum block stamp, 2. Gocco screenprinting, 3. Thermography, 4. Engraving, 5. Letterpress, 6. Wood.  (They went with Gocco!)


David & Becky said...

We did our wedding invitations with a Gocco and I loved it. How do you still get supplies? We still have the Gocco but never use it because we're afraid we won't be able to get new bulbs, screens and ink.

MrsEm said...

I stockpiled a bunch of supplies from internet art stores and ebay a couple years ago. I'm not sure if its much harder to find those now.