Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend: Not Apartment Hunting

Rob and I are working on taking over a former colleague's apartment in the Lower Haight. Until we know if that's going to happen, there's really no sense at looking at other apartments. So we got to take the weekend off!

We went to Bike Party on Friday with a "Summer of Love" theme around Haight Ashbury.  It was nice to catch up with our bike friends from around the bay.

Saturday morning, we slept in and relaxed until it was time to go tour the potential apartment with it's current owner.  It's a nice place with a detached garage and a lot of space.  From there, we drove to Marin to spend the day with our friend, Eric.  We started by hiking out to the beach at Point Reyes along the Abbott Lagoon trail.  Super windy at the beach, my hair was going crazy and Rob dubbed me "Predator."

We stopped at a lagoon on the way back for a snack and caught a romp of wild river otters going out for an evening hunt. (side note: discovering "romp" is the official name for a pack of otters made my day!)

Delicious BBQ dinner at Eric's followed by a long soak in his hot tub.  What an excellent country host!

We drove back late at night and met up with Jean and Trent's dogs - they had been dropped off at the apartment earlier in the day.  The dogs had finally learned how to use the spiral staircase and - since their parents were still at dinner - insisted on making their bed directly on top of me. Very cozy!

Rob made the four of us blueberry pancakes for breakfast the next morning. We heard all about Jean and Trent's adventures in the city on Saturday.  Lazy time reading the paper and snacking on smoked mackerel with cheese and crackers.

At 12:30, Jean and I went for massages at the spa next door. A much needed hour of trying to dislodge my shoulder blades from my earlobes - it has been a very stressful month.   After the spa, we walked downtown to meet Rob and Trent for lunch and a bit of shopping.

The Menlo Park gang took off at 4:00. Rob and I worked on throwing out a bunch of junk in the apartment to prepare to move.  We got a dinner invitation from Rebecca and Derek for them at 7:00 and dashed across town to meet them at Woodhouse Fish Company.  Great meal with oysters and lots of crab. We took the train home at 10:00 and crashed into bed.

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megan said...

Looks like you had a fun filled weekend.