Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

So far...33 is not that much calmer than 32!  The Giants won the World Series on Sunday. I flew to Kansas City for a 24 hour trip on Monday. Spent Tuesday with various TV and magazine celebrities before flying home late that night.

Today, I walked to work through a crowd of a million baseball fans. Rob had the cat-pee infested wood floors refinished. And we spent Halloween carving pumpkins and lowering candy in a basket from the balcony (since the front hall was still drying). 

Maybe tomorrow will be back to normal?


Katie said...

The basket is freaking brilliant! That's high angle trick-or-treating.

Skye said...

The boys got a kick out the picture ~ they have the coolest Uncle around. ;)

sarah said...

I love your candy delivery system. How clever!

Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

would have loved to have visited your house on Halloween. Such a fun solution~