Monday, November 05, 2012

Weekend: Normalcy

This weekend was the first in a long time that felt somewhat normal.  No moves, no house guests, no travel.  Just classic San Francisco sunny, warm November days. Unfortunately, I neglected to take photos of any of it.  Katherine McGuire's painting is an accurate replacement of how deliciously nice it was.

Friday night, Rob and I briefly went to Bike Party.  Saturday, got going early to bike over to a 2-year-old's birthday party in the Richmond.  From there, rode to a hackathon event in Levi's Plaza for Rob to network with his new industry. Then, walked over a birthday dinner in Hayes Valley at Chez Mamman with Nicole.  Champagne, escargot, mussels, truffle mac 'n tasty!  I managed to wear three different dresses for all these various activities on Saturday.

Sunday morning, we worked on the house for a bit and had a lazy breakfast of egg tacos. Rob and I drove down to Redwood City for a bike ride with Jean and Trent.  My favorite part was stopping at the Pulgas Water Temple for a shady break.  Late lunch of burgers, garlic fries and milkshakes at Jeffrey's.

We hung out at their house for a bit before going to see Cloud Atlas. I tried to race Rob up the escalator at the theater but tripped and landed on my finger. Almost fainted, but managed to sit down before that embarrassment! I liked the movie, which is more like six films stitched together. Drove back home and slept well.


Jaclyn Giuliano said...

That sounds like an incredible weekend. Bike rides and french meals can't be beat. I like the image you selected too, it does feel perfectly calm ad sunny.

Stay in the Lines

wmbg. said...

chez maman burgers are things of legend. must have with brie. mmm.

Kristi said...

I always look forward to your weekend recap!

Katherine McGuire said...

Thanks for including my painting! I'm signing up for your blog right now.