Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

So far...33 is not that much calmer than 32!  The Giants won the World Series on Sunday. I flew to Kansas City for a 24 hour trip on Monday. Spent Tuesday with various TV and magazine celebrities before flying home late that night.

Today, I walked to work through a crowd of a million baseball fans. Rob had the cat-pee infested wood floors refinished. And we spent Halloween carving pumpkins and lowering candy in a basket from the balcony (since the front hall was still drying). 

Maybe tomorrow will be back to normal?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekends: Birthday!

32...what a year!  We started it off with a trip to Japan, spent the summer in a massive "life explosion" of house guests, apartment moves and job title changes and ended it with a bang.  I wouldn't trade that year for anything, but I hope 33 is a bit calmer.

I arrived home on Friday to find that our garage had been broken into (one last piece of drama for 32?).  Thankfully not too serious, they took a bike and some tools - but its never a great feeling.  Rob and I decided to kick off the birthday weekend anyway with a night at the opera.  The whole city was lit up in orange to cheer on the Giants in the World Series.  Moby-Dick was good, not my favorite performance of the season on the music side but with wonderful sets.

I spent Saturday morning being deliciously lazy catching up on TV in my pajamas.  Rob had the police come over to file a report about the theft. Quite unhelpfully, they suggested that the thieves would be back soon for the rest of our stuff. Jeeze.

At noon, we loaded up the tandem bike and rode around town with some friends from Bike Party.  It was lovely weather to be putting around town. More Giants pride everywhere we looked.

We ended the ride at Dolores Park, so unusually sunny and warm.  We ate tacos from a food cart while watching a dancing robot entertain the kids.
I went to the nail salon for a mani-pedi once we got home. Then, off to a big sushi dinner down the block.  We watched the baseball game along with the whole city while eating and walked through the big celebrations on our way home after.

Jean and Trent arrived on Sunday morning to spend the day together in Pt. Reyes.  We stopped in Petaluma for a delightful pumpkin patch on the way.

Picked up oysters at Hog Island and then hiked a mysterious trail along the water, complete with rope bridge, jellyfish and spooky shrine. Gorgeous weather!

We took the oysters and other picnic supplies to our friend Eric's house in Fairfax. Big feast on his deck overlooking Marin.

Followed by a delicious berry pear pie and lovely full-moon soak in his hot tub.  Back home in the dark with just enough time to put up some halloween decorations and pack for my mad-dash business trip to Kansas City before the city erupted in cheers as the Giants won the World Series! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend: Grand Canyon

Our weekend RV trip to the Grand Canyon was so much fun! For a big hole in the ground, it sure is exciting:

We flew into Vegas and rented the RV from there. I got to eat at Port of Subs twice on the road - so tasty - and even brought home a souvenir cup.

And cooked a lot of spicy southwestern food in the RV, including chicken pozole chili and chorizo eggs.

Rob and I wore these goofy souvenir ranger hats pretty much the entire time. They were actually pretty great in the sun.  I also wore a bunch of fun southwestern-y outfits, including cowboy boots and turquoise jewelry, but didn't get many photos of that on my camera before the battery ran out. Maybe someone else did, stay tuned.

We hiked - both on the canyon rim and down the Keibab trail.

And saw the historic sights at the Grand Canyon. Prickly pear margaritas at the El Tovar for sunset.

On the way back, we stopped in Williams for pie. Supposed to camp at Kingman for the night - but, man, that town is not doing so well.  So we went on to Bullhead City, across the river from Laughlin.  Really tasty thai food in that town. 

Our final day was spent in Vegas after dropping off the RV.  We walked around almost every casino and did a lot of upscale window shopping before flying back home late last night.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What to Wear: Grand Canyon

The Memphis gang is getting together again!  We're meeting Jackie, Pierre, Shane and Margaret in Vegas next week weekend for a weekend RV roadtrip. We're still debating between Zion and the Grand Canyon; but dressing fabulously in theme is already agreed upon. I might wear this out for a slice of bumbleberry pie:

Shirt - The classic red and black Pendleton flannel.
Sweater -  Love the toggle details.
Skirt - A navy mini in corduroy. 
Boots - I have my own authentic brown, red and black pairs.
Sunglasses -
Tote - A navy basic from J.Crew

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inspired: Snake Necklace

I splurged on this enamel and rhinestone snake necklace at H&M on Saturday.  It's from the Anna Dello Russo collection (editor at large for Vogue Japan, I had to look it up on wikipedia) and came in the loveliest packaging.

Obviously, a little over the top! With a blend between asian and southwestern styles, I can see dressing it up for an exotic opera like Aida or dressing it down on our upcoming RV trip to the Grand Canyon.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend: Family Circle

Good thing we managed to move apartments last weekend! This weekend was packed full of visiting family.  On Friday night, Rob picked me up after work and we drove to meet my parents at their hotel in the Marina.  A casual dinner together at Plant to catch up before my mom left on her trip to South Carolina.

Saturday, Rob and I woke up early to get the house ready for visitors. We dashed over to IKEA (my favorite) for some organization tools. 

Jean and Trent arrived at 1:00 with dad in tow. They had been out looking at boats and were ready for naps.  Jean and I dashed downtown for a quick H&M shopping trip. My brother, Joe, arrived in the evening. We made a fire in the fireplace (our first!) and ordered chinese food for dinner.

Everyone left around 8:00 and that single duraflame log kept going until well after 11:30.  I made the most of it with some pillows and blankets at the heart while surfing Pinterest. Isn't the fireplace nuts with all those different art deco tiles!

Lazy day on Sunday.  Rob and I took the car to get washed and picked up dad from his hotel to come stay with us for the next few days.  On the way home, we swung by farmer's market and the grocery store for supplies. Reading, naps and a light lunch. Seth and Amy invited us over for dinner in the evening. I made a white plum and grape crisp to take over to the party.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inspired: Academy of Sciences Party

I went to the most amazing party last week!  Figuring out my new role as VP this summer has been pretty stressful and demanding - this event with fancy Silicon Valley investors was an excellent perk.  It was the day before we moved apartments and a bit of a blur.

Held at the California Academy of Sciences, things started with a luncheon and presentations, then a fancy cocktail reception in the aquarium (eating fish while watching fish is a little creepy) and a gourmet dinner in the Hall of Africa.  I was seated next to my favorite diorama:

Love the long table set-up. It would actually be pretty easy to recreate at home. The table is mostly tea lights with a few white flowers thrown in.  White calligraphy on black paper on the name tags and placecards was an extra nice touch.

Look at these fancy people eating dessert beneath a cheetah! The live penguins at the end of the hall watched the party all night.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Weekend: Settling In

Columbus Day weekend is traditionally San Francisco's finest. It's like 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day combined! Our late summer hot weather kicks in, Fleet Week arrives with sailors and the airshow, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass fills the park, Castro and North Beach have neighborhood festivals. Plus, this year we had two post-season baseball games, a football game and America's Cup.

Rob and I spent most of this amazing weekend unpacking. Which was wonderful. It feels so nice to be settling in to this new home.  With some help from Jean and Trent, we unpacked the kitchen and got the living room almost entirely. The couch even made it up with a special lift over the balcony and through the bedroom. We get so much light in this new place. (ugh, those curtains)

Jean and Trent headed over to the park to catch some live music while Rob and I moved out the last stuff from our old place. Why is it that those final few trips are so hard

They returned in the evening and we met up with Margaret for a Mediterranean dinner down the block.

More unpacking on Sunday morning.  We're battling a major cat urine situation in a couple spots in the apartment using all kinds of cleansers. It feels more like an exorcism of some kind of invisible demon cat - but we're making progress.

Back to the old apartment for the final tour. Rob and I had time for lunch at our favorite spot, Tropisueno, before the appointment to turn over the keys. Yum, I think this is my favorite place to eat in the city:

It was sad to say goodbye to SOMA and our loft apartment that was so great for entertaining. On to a new chapter in our city life!

More unpacking at home before I had to dash downtown for a business dinner. I rode on a subway car crowded with baseball fans headed to the game. Back home with enough time to relax in the new den with Rob watching a movie.

Friday, October 05, 2012

I am still alive!

I somehow survived two seven hour strategy meetings, a firing and an apartment move this week. Stay tuned for more details soon. Here's a preview of the living room, complete with boxes, piles of books and ugly curtains that came with the place.