Monday, February 25, 2013

What to Wear: Pink Jeans

I had a pair of size zero skinny pink jeans just like this in junior high from Wet Seal, funny how things come around again!  In this combination, you get the fun of neon pink jeans but in a more sophisticated look:

Jeans - Really, really comfortable skinny legging jeans from Gap in neon flamingo.
Sweater - Surprisingly hard to find a good navy sweater online. I'm sure you could pick up one for less than this.
Scarf - Silk accent in pink an grey.
Bag - Drool. I love this bigger version of my Coach crossover bag.
Sunglasses - Cheap aviators from Forever 21.
Shoes - Neutral patent pumps from Nine West.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekends: Fresh Coat

After a very long week at work, I was happy to take it a little easier this weekend.  On Friday, Margaret came over to watch Bridesmaids, eat pizza and find cute things on Pinterest.

Saturday morning, Rob left after breakfast for a bike ride and I drove over to meet Nicole for a late breakfast. We had juice and other healthy things at Plant.  Then she drove with me to Marin for a Home Depot paint run.

I've really hated the light yellow paint in our dining room since we moved in.  It's so bland and clashes with the red cabinet and teak table.

Rob came home and helped me paint the room in Behr's "Hidden Peak" - a dark slate, blue that I've been stalking online for a while.  Even the first coat was a vast improvement! I can't wait to have this room redone in time for Jean's shower next weekend.  Stay tuned for after photos.

Rob and I attempted to go to the Chinese New Year parade but got detoured for food in Hayes Valley and then stuck on a subway car.  The doors wouldn't open and we rode three extra stops with two other confused passengers before hitting the emergency button and being rescued by the driver.  By the time we got back downtown, the parade was over. The subway adventure was enough fun anyway, so we called it a night early!

Sunday, had coffee and cereal with the paper for an hour and then straight in to the second coat of paint.  We managed to finish and get the masking tape off in time to meet Nicole for a hike.  Rob biked over to Land's End while we picked up sandwiches.  Met up together and had a picnic on the beach.

The three of us hiked all over the trails and out to China Beach, so sunny and warm.

Spots like Land's End really make this city such a gem. Can you believe this view from the trail?

Rob decided to ride back with us in the car. Dropped Nicole off at her apartment and swung by Sports Basement on the way home for bike repairs and new workout pants. Back at home, I dashed off for a much needed mani-pedi down the block. My hands are sore from all the painting.

Rob and I had a quiet diner at home after I returned. Between the new curtains from last weekend and the new paint from this one...the apartment is starting to come together!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekends: Around the World

We really made the most of this long weekend. It feels like I toured the world food-wise (Chinese, Swedish, French, German, Japanese) and did a triathalon (swimming, biking, hiking). This is going to be a long one :)

Rob and I got a slow start on Friday night with Chinese takeout and episodes of Weeds downloaded on Amazon. Rob woke up early on Saturday to get a head start on his bike down to Palo Alto, leaving me to a leisurely morning with cold chow mein, hot coffee, a long bath and these crazy plum blossoms on the tree next door. It looks like snow!

We met up in Palo Alto at 11:00 to help Jean and Trent (with baby due in April) move from their temporary studio to an apartment with Stanford faculty housing.  They didn't have much to move - so we spent most of our time assembling  furniture and organizing the kitchen. Their new place is so cute!

Took a break (and advantage of the hot weather) to swim in the complex's pool and hot tub.  Will definitely be back for that again soon!  Then headed back to Ikea at 4:30 for more supplies. I love, love it there.

Thanks to their special deal offering free meals when you spend $100 - we had both a late lunch and a hearty dinner at the store.

Four hours later, the four of us emerged with a sofa, bookcase, picture frames, a bedside table, shower curtains, baskets, tablecloths and muesli, among other things.  And, a plan for turning their kitchen bar into a bookshelf built-in.  Rob and I stayed to help carry and unpack the big stuff, then drove home late.

Another lazy morning Sunday with the paper and coffee in bed.  Rob and I motivated at 10:30 to ride the tandem bike to Marin.  Despite the warm Saturday and bright sun it was so cold out.

Decided to cut the ride short and have a nice brunch at Le Garage in Sausalito instead. Eggs benedict for me, croque madam for Rob and fries to share.

We rode home over the bridge and took a quick detour to visit friends home with a sick baby.  By the time we arrived back at the apartment, I was frozen solid.  Hot bath, cozying up with blankets and a hot shower in preparation to brave the cold again for dinner with Greg and Kevin. While waiting for a table at Suppenkuche, we grabbed beers and pretzels at the outdoor beer garden on Octavia.  Thankfully they provided heavy wool blankets, but it was so cold, my nose actually disappeared.

Massive Bavarian Wirthaus dinner once we were seated.  Sausages, potato pancakes, weiner schnitzel, spaetzel, sauerkraut  bratwurst...the works! (You might be getting concerned about now with the amount of food we put away over the weekend. Both of us have insane metabolisms. Scientists should really run some tests. It's not natural!)

Woke up early on Monday morning and got a head start on some house projects. Rob took off for mountain biking while I hung curtains, cleaned and transferred a set of Japanese prints picked up at an estate sale to new frames.

I took the bus across town to hike with Nicole. It was even colder than the day before at Crissy Field - brr! We walked out to the Warming Hut for tea.

Warmed up after 5 miles of walking with a really delicious healthy brown rice poke bowl at Pacific Catch.

Nicole drove me to the new Trader Joe's on Hyde Street and we loaded up on supplies.

Back at the apartment, she helped me hang new curtains and we had a girlie tea break with the good china.

Rob returning home late from his ride - one of his friends broke his arm on a big jump and they were in a Marin emergency room most of the day.  Casual dinner for the three of us: broccoli pasta, green salad with avocado and crisp white wine.

Whew...told you it was a very long weekend!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wedding Save-the-Date Tags

I forgot to show you the final results of our printing project from the weekend before last!  These save-the-date tags are for our friends Jackie and Pierre. They're having a fun, romantic, vintage-style wedding at an apple orchard this summer.

We used these gray and team hangtags from Paper Source, along with envelopes in light blue (pool). The envelope liners are stamped with this dot stamp in light green. My trusty Japanese Gocco set from the 90's provided the screenprinting setup.

The design is my own using  Coneria Script for the curly font and Penelope Anne (also the name of my parent's last dog!) for the handwritten font. The heart is modeled after a cute stamp she purchased on Etsy.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekends: In Good Company

What a funny, strange weekend this was! On Friday, we met up in the mission with our friends Matt and Amber on an impromptu visit from Seattle and their friend Ryan.  We started with a cheese flight, raclette and drinks on the sidewalk patio at Mission Cheese:

Then, the five of us walked down to an early dinner at Velvet Cantina. Our first pitcher of margaritas arrived right when the cast and crew of Mythbusters sat down at a table next to ours. Tory, Grant and Kari were all there. We did our best to play it cool, despite secretly being nerded out fans.

Two more pitchers of margaritas, running into a couple friends and some flaming dessert nachos before we called it a night. Rob and I walked back home.

We slept in on Saturday and lazed about. Rob took off at lunch for a bike ride and I binge-watched season 3 of Downton Abbey (so good, so sad, so full of sabotage).  I took a break halfway through for a hot bath and some watercolor painting in the dinning room. The flowers from last weekend were still going strong:

Along with the new header (!) I painted about six tiny floral arrangements. You can see my inspiration on Pinterest. Spent the night with a quiet dinner at home and a movie.

On Sunday morning, I kept to bed with the paper for a while. But it was too nice outside to stay in again. The peach tree next to our patio is just about to explode with blossoms. 

Rob and I took the tandem bike out and rode to the Legion of Honor.  Lovely picnic lunch on the front lawn, with an overlook of the water and Marin Headlands. 

We saw the visiting collection of treasures from the Louvre - lots of enamel and jeweled treasure boxes. The Rodin collection in the main hall is my perennial favorite: 

Rode back home through the park - it was absolutely packed with families out enjoying the sun.

Spent the rest of the evening cleaning house and stocking up on supplies for the week ahead.  Dinner of fajitas and steamed artichokes. 

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Weekend Roundup: Spring Flings

A bike party, a birthday party, a massive craft project and the start of a New Year - this was quite a weekend!

Rob and I went out to Bike Party on Friday night with stops at Fort Mason, Pier 14 and Portsmouth Square. The city was so pretty all decked out in red and gold lights for the 49ers.  Good music and good friends.  Slept in on Saturday morning. Stayed in bed reading and surfing the internet with coffee until almost 11:00. Rob and I went for lunch down the street at Greenburger.

Margaret arrived at 1:00. After a quick walk to the store, we went into full party planning mode for her birthday dinner. I made flower arrangements:

And polished a lot of silver (one of my favorite chores, so gratifying):

Plus, ironed tablecloths and napkins, changed sheets and cleaned house. Margaret made a bunch of delicious lasagnas from scratch.   Jean and Trent arrived with their dogs during the assembly stage:

We had time to dash to the nail salon down the street with Jean and Jackie before the guests arrived for dinner. Manicures all around!   Folks arrived at 7:00 for a cheese appetizer next to the fireplace. Then, the 10 of us sat down to salad and lasagna:

Pie for dessert after dinner, followed by guitar playing by the fire.  When the other guests left, we still had Jackie and Pierre sleeping in the guest room and Jean and Trent in our bed for the night. Rob and I made a bed in the living room:

Sunday morning was spent lazily picking up from the party:
Casual breakfast of cereal, coffee and the Sunday paper at the still-fancy table:

We got to work early on Jackie's wedding save the date cards, using shipping tags and my trust Gocco printing set-up.

We made fast work of the back of the tags and the envelopes. Sandwiches from Love N Haight for lunch.

Margaret did a run through of wedding makeup with Jackie:

The four of us ladies took the train downtown for some light shopping (Japanese Weekend for Jean and Williams-Sonoma for Jackie) before walking over to Chinatown for the new year's festivities. Jackie and I bought lucky red and gold decorations. We watched the dragon dancers and got boba tea.

Back home at 4:30, Jackie and I printed the front of the save the date cards. We reheated the rest of the lasagna and watched the Super Bowl together with a neighbor from down the street. Too bad that our team lost, but it was a fun game to watch!