Monday, January 27, 2014

Update on the Monster Flu turns out that I didn't exactly survive the 2014 monster flu, as reported last week. Shortly after writing those tips, my health took a downturn.

It wasn't until after we packed up the car for a ski trip in Utah and spent the night in Reno, that I went back to urgent care and got diagnosed with double pneumonia. There was a tense hour where I waited to see if I was going to have to go to the hospital but I got sent home with antibiotics instead.

Now, three days after that and twelve days after originally coming down with the flu I'm starting to finally feel somewhat better.  I'm still very weak and I get winded after just climbing the stairs. I'm the third person I know to have gotten the flu and then pneumonia this winter.

If you haven't had your flu shot yet this year - get it! If you do get the flu, start taking Mucinex right away. Don't be like me and combine your personal dislike for coughing with pathological stubbornness to make the whole thing much worse.  Stay healthy out there!


Cari in NH said...

Emily - I've been deciding for months as to if I should or shouldn't get a flu shot. Some years I do, some I don't. After a co-worker just returned to the office after a week out with this gross flu; I'm thinking a trip to my local Rite-Aid after work isn't a bad idea but I'm still a bit hesitant. Such a tough decision for me! Advice? I bet you'll say "get it!" :) Hope you're on the mend!

bex said...

yikes! glad to know you're on the mend.

MrsEm said...

Cari - definitely get the flu shot!

Rebecca - I'm just so glad we cancelled on dinner. Would have felt horrible if I passed any of this to you guys.

Kristy said...

it was the monster flu for sure. I had a pneumonia scare too but it didn't develop, instead I developed a crippling case of sciatica--which i'm blaming on the flu. People are also getting secondary sinus infections afterwards. lovely.