Thursday, January 09, 2014

What to Wear: Hawaii

Hawaii is extremely casual.  If you're a man wearing a t-shirt and shoes inside the grocery store instead of just cargo shorts, you've earned points for being well-dressed. Dressing nicely while on vacation on Maui is completely noncompulsory...but fun!

My tropical wardrobe consists of a handful of floaty maxi dresses with light shirts for layering. With my milk-white skin and toothpick thin arms, I'm most comfortable with breezy layers that cover me up and prevent sunburn. The light shirt can double on it's own as a simple coverup for walks on the beach. In a light or dark color, the shirt also helps hide those wet spots from throwing your outfit on over a damp bikini top. The colors of this outfit are inspired by Hawaii's yellow and white plumeria:
Dress - I'm not usually that into yellow, but this knife-pleat maxi dress on clearance sale at Victoria's Secret is so pretty!
Shirt - A lightweight camp shirt with tiny white polka dot detailing from JC Penney's, tied in front.
Sunglasses - A basic black pair from Forever 21.
Hat - Have I mentioned that I'm extremely pale? A big straw hat is a must-have.
Bikini - Vintage-style stripe bikini from TopShop.
Magazine - Sand-logged New Yorkers at the beach are a family tradition.
Camera - My poor camera has so much sand in it from the trip!
Sandals - Flat navy sandals from Nordstrom.

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Hannah said...

I love that dress, the pleats are gorgeous.