Thursday, February 06, 2014

What to Wear: Finding a Date

With all our Valentine's Day brainstorming, Sarah wrote in with a request to take it a step back:
How about what to wear to get a date???  He needs to have a job, likes to have fun, has some fun friends, active, likes wine, and is ok with my quirkiness. Handy around the house, maybe I'd run into him at Home Depot picking up something for the backyard or something. 
Here's an outfit for Sarah that can transition between attending free DIY workshops at Home Depot and having a drink at the local wine bar with a copy of her favorite book.  She'll meet her Mr. Right in no time. 

Lipstick - A swipe of red lipstick is key to brightening up this relaxed outfit. I love the lip tint from Tarte
Sweatshirt - Beige sweatshirt from H&M is casual but flattering. 
Shirt - A navy button up shirt with white polkadots from Madewell. 
Jeans - A pair of boyfriend jeans from J.Crew. 
Sneakers - A pair of navy chucks to wear at the hardware store. 
Flats - Switch to these dark red and gold flats for the wine bar. 
Glasses - A pair of heavy frame reading glasses will protect your eyes during the DIY demos. 
Satchel - I love this leather bag in oxblood. Perfect for carrying your books or laptop while you're out and about. 
Earrings - Pinky pearl studs are delicate and feminine. 
Coat - A ladylike trench coat in cabernet adds instant glam over the casual outfit. 


sarah said...

Thanks for the outfit. I let you know how it works out!!

chelsea said...

Aw cute!!