Wednesday, February 05, 2014

What to Wear: Hosting a Valentine's Day Dinner Party

V wrote in with a Valentine's Day request close to my own heart:
How about what to wear to host a Valentine's dinner at home with friends? As a seasoned hostess, I'm sure you have some go-to items! It's a dinner on the 14th, with one other couple, and dogs. Nothing too fancy, but fun. Dinner will be comfort-esque and followed by many rounds of Cards Against Humanity. :)
Entertaining at home is my favorite thing. What could be more fun than a cozy dinner with friends for Valentine's Day?  Certainly preferred to an overcrowded restaurant. When hosting, I like to wear an outfit in comfortable cuts but with bright colors and luxe textures to make it festive.

Tunic - A versatile red tunic blouse. It's washable rayon, easier to clean than silk in case something spills in the kitchen. The sleeves roll up to stay out of the way while you cook.
Pants - I usually lean toward skirts and dresses, but a pair of pants is perfect for playing hostess. Something that you can comfortably wear to sit on the living room floor while playing cards. This pair of maroon velvet skinny pants are festive and on sale for $88.
Shoes - Silver and suede slip ons from Loeffler Randall are on sale at Barneys for $150.
Apron - The frenchy gray stripes on this $24 Sur La Table apron are a classic.
Earrings - $30 gold studs go with everything.
Necklace - A gold heart pendant from Forever 21 is an inexpensive way to add a dash of Valentine's cheer to the outfit.


Katie said...

Beautiful outfit Em. Spot on!

V said...

I LOVE this! Going to buy the blouse now - thank you!

Bryan and Sarah said...

I love the outfits you post. What computer program do you use to assemble them? I would like to know how to do it.

MrsEm said...

I assemble the outfits in PhotoShop. It takes an inordinate amount of time compared to something like Polyvore, but I like the detailed control.

Bryan and Sarah said...

Thank you! Time for me to learn/invest in photoshop!

MrsEm said...

The "Elements" version of Photoshop is cheaper and has pretty much everything you need. Good luck with it!

Anne At Large said...

Love those pants! Shopping time!