Monday, March 17, 2014

A Quick Winter Getaway to Yosemite and Curry Village

My favorite time to visit Yosemite is in the late fall and early spring - when the quiet valley is miles away from the packed international tourist destination it becomes in summer.

Rob, Nicole and I spent the night in Yosemite Valley before our cross-country ski trip to Glacier Point last weekend. There wasn't any more snow on the ground, but it was certainly still cold out and the dogwoods hadn't yet bloomed. First stop, the Yosemite Village grocery store to buy donuts and hiking snacks for the next day. Then to the Mountain Room Lounge for bowls of chili and locally brewed beers by the fire.
After dinner, it was time to check in to Curry Village. We've stayed all over Yosemite - from the rock-climber haven of Camp 4 to Upper Pines and Housekeeping - but never at the classic Curry Village tent cabins. A "campy" archway made of pine branches and Vegas-style lighting in 1914 welcomes you at check-in, along with hot cocoa. 
Don't forget to put all your food, toiletries and other bear-attractive items into the secure locker before heading out to find your tent cabin. Built in the 1930's, the cabins have a wood floor and frame, covered by thick plastic sheeting. 
Inside, iron frame beds with surprisingly comfortable mattresses are dressed with clean sheets.

I really liked the heavy wool blankets provided in a variety of outdoorsy colors.

The tent also came equipped with towels and a safe. An optional heater would have been an extra charge - but we were fine with just sleeping bags and the blankets. There are also nice heated bathrooms and showers between the cabins.
All those cabins lined up in long rows were such a cheery sight in the morning. We stopped in at the Peet's Coffee shop in the Curry Village dining room and ate our breakfast in the well-appointed rec room (even with Wifi) before heading out to ski. I'd love to stay at Curry Village in the snow some day!

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