Friday, March 28, 2014

What to Wear: A Rainy March Day in Instanbul

Another day, another new outfit from my tiny carry-on bag. I brought along this flexible black Theory dress - with pockets! - to layer during the day and have as an option for any fancy nights out.  Here, it is paired with a lightweight J.Crew sweater in pale pink, belt, scarf, tights and flat boots. I should have an umbrella, but left it at home and was too stubborn to pay $2.50 for one from a street vendor.

This photo is outside the PTT postal service museum. A weird little three story museum celebrating Turkey's history of mail, telegrams and phone service. Since we work in communications and computers - it was right up our alley! The top floor's elegant painted salons are worth stopping in to see. You'll have to take my word for it since they don't allow any photography inside.

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