Saturday, April 19, 2014

Running and Lunching on Lycabettus Hill in Athens, Greece

Before we launch into Easter weekend festivities (and there is plenty to report), let's cover one of the least-planned, best days we had in Athens!

On Good Friday, the weather was clear after a morning thunderstorm and the city was quiet, with most residents headed out to their villages for the holiday weekend. Rob and I worked extra in the morning to prepare for the evening's candle-lit processions. At lunch, we decided to take a run. Since our adventure to the top of Attica Hill was fun, this time we headed toward Lycabettus.
The neighborhood trees are starting to get green. Once we hit the side of the hill, it was all carved limestone steps, wild poppies and twig bridges. You hardly knew you were in the city!

The view from the top was so worth all those stairs!
The tiny church at the top was busy preparing for their Good Friday procession that evening.
We stopped to eat at the more casual of the two restaurants on top of the hill.
The best Greek salad we've had so far and a really tasty kebab too!
We ran back down on the other side of the hill, with a cactus garden.
Stopped for one last view of the Acropoli next to a natural fountain on our way back.
In total, the run was about 3 miles round-trip from our apartment near here, but mostly uphill. A perfect way to spend a relaxed, sunny day in Athens.

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