Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Explore the Ancient Palace with a Budget Walking Tour in Split, Croatia

The Palace area of Split is so dense with history and hidden streets that taking a guided walking tour is almost required to understand it. We hadn't done any official tours on this trip up to this point but signed up for the one euro, Penny Walking Tour.
Our guide spent 90 minutes showing us around the ruins of the 4th century palace where Diocletian grew cabbage in his retirement.
After the palace was abandoned by the Romans it was empty for a few centuries before being occupied by fleeing Croats.
The result is a mash-up of history. Diocletan's mausoleum was converted to a Catholic church. There are ancient Egyptian sphinx sculptures decorating the gates. Residents are still allowed to "check-out" ancient ruins to use in building new homes inside the walls.
17 centuries of history in just a few city blocks.
At the end of the walk, you get a coupon for free wine tasting at a local cafe. This tour is such an affordable and easy way to learn about the history of Split!

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