Friday, May 09, 2014

Head South of Dubrovnik to Sveti Jakov Beach and a War-Ravaged Resort

If your legs aren't too worn out from exploring the old city walls, head south past Ploce for a peek at Croatia's natural beauty and recent war history. Walk for about a mile along a flat road lined with fancy boutique resorts and villas.
Past a small church, there are stairs down to Sveti Jakov Beach (which my inner 12 year-old would like to mention sounds like "sweaty jagoff" when said out loud).
In summer season, there are kayak and jetski rentals here, along with beach-side cafes. In May, you have the cove to yourself. That's Lokrum Island in the distance.
Great view from the beach of the caves along the coast and the fortified ancient city.
If you hike a bit farther south on the beach, you can explore the ruins of Hotel Belvedere, which was bombed as part of the 1991 Croatian War. My imagination runs too wild and I've seen too many episodes of Walking Dead to be brave and explore inside the massive resort. Here are more photos of the hotel and its graffiti if you're curious.
We walked back along the upper road, spying on gardens, schools and tiny green lizards.
Excellent view of the old city and harbor from the southern coast!

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